Friday, March 4, 2011

Blood donation


    Donating blood not only to save the lives of others but at the same time, donors also enjoy the benefits. Donating bloodcan stimulate the body to produce more cells of blood new will indirectly improve the health status of the donor because cell blood has the potential to bring new oxygen is much better than cell long.

     At the same time efficiency of the use of iron in the body will increase as it is needed for producing cells of blood is the new red. This process helps control the amount of iron in the body and prevent the excessive accumulation of iron in the heart that can cause heart disease.

    Every time you donate blood , you will remove some of the iron from the body.There are studies showing excess iron will accelerate the oxidation (oxidation) of cholesterol, a process which is considered to cause damage to vessels of blood and eventually lead to cardiovascular disease (heart attacks and strokes).

    Scout Kelanasiswa 1 will hold a blood donation on 18 & 19 March later. I hope I can contribute to the people in need by donating blood. Although I was feeling scared but I wish I was brave on the day in order to know sick or do not donate blood. All Scouts Kelanasiswa must a blood donation on the day.

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